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Aug 14th 2015

Setting Up Your Confined Space Entry Tripod

Setting up a tripod can be a pain in the neck so it's gratifying to use a product like the Miller 7 ft. aluminum confined space entry tripod. Properly machined and easy to click into place, each leg is independently adjustable so the system can be constructed on an uneven surface. Confined space entry is tricky enough with all the gear and the lifelines and the harness pinching … read more
Oct 21st 2013

The Best Harness for Tower Climbers

There is an old joke among climbers that industry standards for harnesses require them to be as uncomfortable as possible. That certainly may have been the case a few years back. Fall safety standards had companies scrambling to produce harnesses that would shield workers from fall forces, but rarely did they take movement and comfort into account. Today the same companies that have been combin … read more
Nov 26th 2012

BackBiter Tie-Back Lanyard Provides Convenient Tie Off

Some jobs sites just don't have any convenient anchorage points. That's why the Miller BackBiter Tie-Back Lanyard is a great piece of equipment. This 6 ft. lanyard with a SofStop Shock-absorber allows you to wrap the lanyard around a structural element and hook it back to itself for reliable and safe fall protection. It's the anchor hook that makes it possible. If you are using … read more
May 16th 2012

The Compatibility of Fall Protection Equipment

Several of our users have asked us about the compatibility of fall protection components between different manufacturers. OSHA, in their wisdom, writes thousands of words on the subject, but in a way that only an attorney would be able to understand. We'll try to distill the issue so that everyone gets it. No. Don't use a lanyard from one company and an anchorage or other device from anot … read more