BackBiter Tie-Back Lanyard Provides Convenient Tie Off

Some jobs sites just don't have any convenient anchorage points. That's why the Miller BackBiter Tie-Back Lanyard is a great piece of equipment. This 6 ft. lanyard with a SofStop Shock-absorber allows you to wrap the lanyard around a structural element and hook it back to itself for reliable and safe fall protection.

Fall Protection Anchorage Tie-Back Options from Miller

It's the anchor hook that makes it possible. If you are using this product you probably already know you can't use a regular lanyard in this fashion. The BackBiter lanyard has an attachment snap hook that is rated up to 5,000 lbs. minimum gate load capacity.

Since you could lift a pickup truck with a 5,000 lb. capacity hook, chances are this rugged lanyard is more than sufficient to keep you from a hard landing. Tie-back lanyards also help to reduce overall inventory by eliminating the need for Anchorage Tie-Off Straps or dropping in a permanant anchor point.

Miller fall protection products have a rock-solid reputation in the field. The SofStop shock-absorber pack stops fall inertia and keeps fall forces under OSHA and ANSI thresholds. This 913B/6FTGN BackBiter also meets the 900 lb. fall force maximum of the ANSI Z359.13 standard.

If you need to connect to a structure with limited anchorage opportunities, consider using the BackBiter 913B/6FTGN from the fall protection experts at Miller by Honeywell.

If you have questions about fall protection, tie-back options, or Miller products don't hesitate to contact us.

Nov 26th 2012 Justin McCarter

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