The Greatest Pair of Gloves Ever

The Greatest Pair of Gloves Ever

The ATG G-Tek MaxiFlex Ultimate Nitrile-Coated Gloves are possibly the greatest gloves ever, if you believe the people who have taken the time to write reviews to our site. Even the titles of their reviews are very positive - "The Bomb Gloves" (not sure what that means, but the rest of the five-star review is exceedingly positive), "Awesome" writes Will from Hell, Michigan, "Best Light Work Gloves I've Used" says Grubby from Chicago, and "Some of the Best Fitting Gloves I Have Ever Used" says Brian D. from Texas.

These are a fairly new glove for us here at PK Safety. That's what makes these reviews somewhat extraordinary. Of all the gloves we carry, the G-Tek gloves have inspired more people to review and write in than any other gloves we carry. And nobody, in all the reviews that we have received, has given them less than 5 stars.

Sure, some part of the glowing glove reviews is probably due to our outstanding customers service. Brian from Texas even made a note that "On the shipping end, the company had them to me faster than quoted, well packed, and sent me confirmation at each step." So that helps.

However, each user also noted the types of work they performed with the gloves, and all agree: the G-Tek MaxiFlex Ultimate Nitrile-Coated Glove is tough and works great. Will in Hell (I've written that town name a bunch of times now, and it's still funny. To me, anyway.) is a maintenance tech at an auto manufacturing plant who says he is tough on everything.

"I work in oil, grime, sharp metal and well, you name it, and my hands are in it. These gloves are the best thing I have ever put on my hands. I have the protection and the dexterity that I need. I can pick up a penny off the floor with these babys on. They rock."

Grubby in Chicago concurs, "My work buys these for our warehouse. We pick up a lot of boxes and roll them around on metal carts. By far (the G-Tek MaxiFlex gloves) are the best I have seen. I have also found them great for automotive work, weight lifting, and any use where you need a good grip on an object. They also breath good and last longer than any I have used."

Brian in Texas also notes that he uses a set of the G-Tek gloves for shooting. We assume that's not when he's at work.

There are some cautionary notes in the reviews as well, in case any of you are thinking they are good for everything. Brian notes they are great for cuts and scrapes, but do not protect well against direct punctures. The MaxiFlex Cut Resistant Glove will provide even better protection. Will (from H-E-double-hockey-sticks) mentions that the MaxiFlex 34-874 gloves are not heat-resistant, and he doesn't suggest using them for welding or handling of hot parts. Good point.

However, if you are looking for a "sensitive glove" that "keeps your hands cool" while also keeping them protected, the ATG G-Tek MaxiFlex Ultimate Nitrile-Coated Glove just may be the greatest glove ever.

May 7th 2012 Justin McCarter

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