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Climbing a Ladder to Get a Job Done? You May Be Doing It All Wrong.
Jun 5th 2017

Climbing a Ladder to Get a Job Done? You May Be Doing It All Wrong.

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) reports that falls remain a leading cause of occupational injury and mortality nationwide. The industries cited for OSHA violations include wholesalers, specialty trade contractors, civil engineering and building construction, real estate, equipment and machinery repair and building maintenance. Here are some examples of why and h … read more
Nov 24th 2014

Portable, Retractable Ladders Provide Stable Work Platform

At PK Safety we've focused mainly on workers operating at height. We offer climbing safety products like harnesses and fall protection, and we've been doing that for years. But there are plenty of situations that only require a portable ladder to reach the job. We've found Telesteps telescoping ladders to be the best solution for traditional ladder work, and they come with some very def … read more
Oct 23rd 2014

Retractable Ladders Perfect for Work and Home

Before Telesteps Telescopic Ladders came along if you wanted to put a 14 ft. ladder in the trunk of your car, you'd have to own a bus or a clown car.  Telesteps have revolutionized the ladder industry and one quick look at their video will make you want to throw your old clunky Werner ladder to the curb. Telesteps telescopic ladders are made of heat-treated T6000 aluminum a … read more