Retractable Ladders Perfect for Work and Home

Retractable Ladders Perfect for Work and Home

Before Telesteps Telescopic Ladders came along if you wanted to put a 14 ft. ladder in the trunk of your car, you'd have to own a bus or a clown car.  Telesteps have revolutionized the ladder industry and one quick look at their video will make you want to throw your old clunky Werner ladder to the curb.

Telesteps telescopic ladders are made of heat-treated T6000 aluminum alloy and weigh only 23 lbs. yet these sturdy climbing aids can handle up to a 250 lb. worker. Another great thing about this ladder is that you only use what you need. When it's fully retracted, the Telesteps ladder is only 30 inches tall. You can easily walk through hallways and crowded areas without recreating a Laurel and Hardy skit. If you need 8 ft. to access a ceiling entrance, simply extend 8 feet of the ladder. A safety window on the unit displays green when the ladder is locked in place.

The base of the Telesteps ladder as well as the pads at the top of the rungs are made of 100% silicon. This creates better grip with the floor and a soft, non-marking point of contact at the top. The pads are all easily replaceable to extend (pun intended) the life of your ladder.

This product makes so much sense for a range of work and home applications. It's small enough to fit behind the seat of a work truck or in the closet of an office. If you are looking for a work ladder, you won't find anything near what the versatility the Telesteps 14 ft. Retracting Ladder offers. The Telestep is in stock at PK Safety and available to be shipped the same day you place your order.

Oct 23rd 2014 Justin McCarter

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