Portable, Retractable Ladders Provide Stable Work Platform

Portable, Retractable Ladders Provide Stable Work Platform

At PK Safety we've focused mainly on workers operating at height. We offer climbing safety products like harnesses and fall protection, and we've been doing that for years. But there are plenty of situations that only require a portable ladder to reach the job. We've found Telesteps telescoping ladders to be the best solution for traditional ladder work, and they come with some very definite advantages.

In the past to reach a light bulb in the middle of a warehouse or other open room, you needed a tall stepladder. Depending on your work site you might need several different sizes of ladder to reach all the spots. This one is too tall. This one is too short. This one is just right. Now how do I get it in there? Sometimes ladders have to be carried through sensitive areas, and the risk of accidents is high with such long, unwieldy devices.

Enter the Telesteps retracting ladders. Both straight ladders like the Telesteps 1600E or A-frame ladders like the incredible Double-Sided Folding Stick Ladder meet OSHA, ANSI, and CSA requirements for safety while completely eliminating the storage and relocation problems endemic to traditional ladders.

Multi-purpose extension ladders that are capable of becoming an A-frame ladder are also available from Telesteps. The 14 Ft. Combination Ladder 14ES telescopes down to a mere 2.8 ft. but can be extended for a worker to reach up to 14 ft. ceilings. This versatile ladder is capable of handling up to 375 lbs. of working weight yet weighs only 38 lbs. itself.

For an easy-storing option that really gives you a leg up on other similar products, Telesteps has a handy folding step stool capable of holding 300 lbs. This folding aluminum stool is made of the same T6000 aluminum as its big brothers, and is ideal for janitorial work, or as an office or household device.

Clearly steps have been taken by Telesteps to improve both ladder safety and performance. Our Telesteps ladders feature a one-touch, patented release system for easy deployment, 100 percent silicon feet that provide outstanding grip on the floor surface as well as being replaceable, and they are small and light enough to store anywhere. Operation is simple as they can be opened from the top rung to full height, or if you prefer, you can pull from the bottom rung in one foot increments. As always, a safety windows show “green” when in the locked position.

We find these ladders to be sturdy, reliable, and easy to deploy. If you have more questions for us, please give us a ring at 1-800-829-9580 and we'd be happy to help.

Nov 24th 2014 Justin McCarter

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