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Top 3 Picks of American-Made Safety Products
Feb 9th 2018

Top 3 Picks of American-Made Safety Products

Many employers prefer American-made personal protective equipment (PPE) because these items are usually high-quality and up-to-date with OSHA standards compliance. Unfortunately, it’s sometimes challenging to find PPE and products made in the U.S.A. U.S. manufacturing as a whole has declined since the late ’90s, mostly because American-made products have to compete with cheaper-priced pro … read more
Sep 18th 2015

Draeger SCBA Provides Confidence to Confined Space Workers

When the oxygen content drops below 17%, but work has to go on, count on the PAS Lite SCBA system from Draeger. The PAS Lite is designed not just for breathing in dangerous atmospheres, but also for working in them. The components of the PAS Lite system work seamlessly together for comfort and extreme protection in some of the world's most dangerous work or rescue environments. … read more
SCBA Systems Need Ongoing Preventive Maintenance
May 29th 2015

SCBA Systems Need Ongoing Preventive Maintenance

SCBA, or self-contained breathing apparatus, is critical for areas where the atmosphere just isn't fit to breath. Confined space workers and firefighters both utilize this equipment. But what happens when that equipment fails? If you are like a DeKalb Georgia firefighter in the news lately, you jump out of a second-story window. Firefighters say the problem with the Draeger equipment has … read more
Industrial SCBA in Refrigeration Plants
May 14th 2015

Industrial SCBA in Refrigeration Plants

Companies that have significant stores of ammonia or even waste treatment plants with chlorine run the risk of serious hazards if things go from all is normal to all heck breaking loose. Refrigeration plant operators, supervisors, and facility managers are all aware of the dangers, but in the heat of the moment well-placed safety equipment can make all the difference. Most folks who wo … read more
SCBA and Supplied Air Respirators for Confined Space Entry
Apr 10th 2015

SCBA and Supplied Air Respirators for Confined Space Entry

Some confined spaces just aren't fit to breath in. Respiratory protection, whether for work in a space with Immediate Danger to Life and Health (IDLH) or in a rescue operation where air filtering or purifying respirators are not an option, has two critical requirements: First, it must provide a clean air supply. Secondly, it cannot interfere with safe entry and exit from the space. The two type … read more
Feb 6th 2015

Do You Have A Permit-Required Confined Space Checklist?

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Oct 3rd 2012

The Pureflo Helmet - A Comfortable PAPR Without Belts & Hoses

We recently had a Pureflo representative in to refresh our memories about these great products. Pureflo helmets are powered air purifying respirators (PAPR) and are great for companies that need to supply respirators, but don’t want to fit test each employee. They are also comfortable and may be easier to wear in tight spaces where the traditional PAPR units with belts and hoses can be cumbe … read more