Draeger SCBA Provides Confidence  to Confined Space Workers

Draeger SCBA Provides Confidence to Confined Space Workers

When the oxygen content drops below 17%, but work has to go on, count on the PAS Lite SCBA system from Draeger. The PAS Lite is designed not just for breathing in dangerous atmospheres, but also for working in them. The components of the PAS Lite system work seamlessly together for comfort and extreme protection in some of the world's most dangerous work or rescue environments.

The PAS Lite SCBA systems is comprised of a Draeger Panorama Nova P mask, a lung demand valve and hose, a 30-minute aluminum pressurized air tank, and a lightweight pack frame and fasteners. The system comes with a high-impact plastic storage case that is hi-viz orange so it's easy to pick out in the event of an emergency.

The Nova P mask is made of EPDM rubber which is a synthetic elastomer with outstanding flexibility and comfort. The double-sealed design creates a tight, but malleable fit for a wide range of head and face shapes. The lung demand valve attaches easily to the front of the mask and immediately supplies air from the positive pressure air cylinder.

The entire system is supported by a carbon space frame and attached to the worker with non-metallic buckles. The carbon frame helps keep the overall weight of the system down to a very manageable 15 lbs. Like a hiking backpack, the PAS Lite system has shoulder straps, but most of the weight is carried at the hips with the wide, comfortable belt that snaps in the middle for easy donning and doffing.

Both the air supply hose and gauge hose are closely attached to the backpack frame to reduce the chance of getting them caught or tangled while working. These hoses can be switched to suit the individual worker's preference. Another advantage is the hoses, if they become damaged, can be switched out without replacing more costly SCBA parts.

SCBA systems are used for confined space rescue, as an escape system for workers trapped in areas with serious IDLH atmospheres, and for required work in areas with less than optimal atmosphere. Draeger is a recognized worldwide authority on SCBA and gas detection technologies. For more information about SCBA, confined space entry safety equipment, or gas detection, please visit us online at, or call us at 800-829-9580.

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