The Pureflo Helmet - A Comfortable PAPR Without Belts & Hoses

The Pureflo Helmet - A Comfortable PAPR Without Belts & Hoses

We recently had a Pureflo representative in to refresh our memories about these great products. Pureflo helmets are powered air purifying respirators (PAPR) and are great for companies that need to supply respirators, but don’t want to fit test each employee. They are also comfortable and may be easier to wear in tight spaces where the traditional PAPR units with belts and hoses can be cumbersome.

Pureflo helmets, because they have a motor pulling air into the helmet area, create less breathing fatigue than someone using a traditional pulled air respirator for long periods of time, or in atmospheres where the filters may fill quickly. A sophisticated electronic monitoring system checks filter and battery life and displays the information in a convenient spot inside the face shield. An audible alarm sounds when the dual batteries or filter are nearly out.

Welders working with stainless steel often require the HE/HF filter for Hydrogen Fluoride. Both the HEPA and HE-HF filters remove 99.97% of liquid or solid-based contaminants. Pureweld helmets are available with ADF or Passive 10 eye protection.

The standards Pureflo ESM respiratory helmet is both smaller and lighter than most other PAPR units. This all-in-one unit means there is no belt with fan and hoses to get caught while you are working.

Pureflo helmets are available in either hard hat or bump cap configurations and come in several colors. These respirators are made in the USA and are in stock and available for quick shipping. If you have questions about Pureflo helmets, we have answers.

Oct 3rd 2012 Justin McCarter

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