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How To Protect Your Workers From Hypothermia
Aug 31st 2016

How To Protect Your Workers From Hypothermia

By Samantha Hoch, Marketing Specialist, Haws EMERGENCY RESPONSE BEST PRACTICES :: PROTECTION AGAINST HYPOTHERMIA Low ambient temperature and wind chill may simply be part of the job in cold climates, but they can have a lethal effect on exposed skin – particularly when combined with hazardous conditions where safety showers are required. This problematic combination creates a scenario for an … read more
Safety Issues With Pokémon Go
Jul 18th 2016

Safety Issues With Pokémon Go

What is the latest universal safety danger? You will never guess, but it is a new augmented reality phone app which uses GPS-tracking and technology that imposes a digital facade on the real world - Pokémon Go. Who could have predicted this safety concern? The cute harmless cartoon critters debuted in Japan in 1996. Apps that layer a digital world on top of the real one can create awkward and e … read more
Reducing Repetitive Strain Injuries By Workplace Design
Sep 8th 2015

Reducing Repetitive Strain Injuries By Workplace Design

Many different types of work require repetitive motion or lack of movement altogether. Workers who frequently shift from standing to sitting can damage their knees. Others stand for long periods with little variety of movement, causing lower back stress and joint pain. If they experience muscular, nerve, or joint pain regularly, and believe that it's work related, the cause may be repetitive st … read more
Aug 3rd 2015

Tool Fall Protection - Who Knew?

Contact with objects" incidents are the 3rd highest cause of death in the workplace. When it comes to a defense against falling tools, people often rely on hard hats, tool nets, and toe boards. In the last annual Bureau of Labor Statistics report, 52,260 workers were struck by falling objects. That's just the incidents that were reported to OSHA, the real number is likely much higher. htt … read more
Jan 6th 2010

Fall Distance and the Self Retracting Lifeline

Self Retracting Lifeline I had an interesting inquiry from an overseas customer about the fall distance when using a self retracting lifeline. This was an instance where the technical nature of the question caused me to check with the manufacturer…just to be sure. Dear sir, What is a total estimated fall distance of Self-retracting lifeline, and detail of it (Free fall dis … read more