Tool Fall Protection - Who Knew?

Tool Fall Protection - Who Knew?

Contact with objects" incidents are the 3rd highest cause of death in the workplace. When it comes to a defense against falling tools, people often rely on hard hats, tool nets, and toe boards. In the last annual Bureau of Labor Statistics report, 52,260 workers were struck by falling objects. That's just the incidents that were reported to OSHA, the real number is likely much higher.

Since the year 2000, Python Safety has been addressing the need for protection against falling objects. Python third party tests its products with Applied Technical Services (ATS), an Atlanta-based consulting engineering firm with sophisticated testing and inspection capabilities. Python is now a subsidiary of Capital Safety.

Python primarily addresses the need for falling tool protection with products that create a tethering system between the tool (attachment point) and the person. Their offerings can accommodate tools up to 85 lbs (38.5 kgs). Attachment point types vary depending on the type of tool. Their most popular attachment points are generally a lanyard with a D-ring. The D-ring is connected to the person while the other end of the lanyard is wrapped against the tool in specialized tape. Other types include coils with D-rings, wristbands with D-rings, and Heat Shrink Links.

Utility Pouch

Python also makes bucket bags and pouches. The pouches, with an innovative self-closure system that traps objects inside, are unlike similar products on the market. The pouch makes it nearly impossible for objects to fall out once placed in the bag. Similarly, the bucket bags feature patent pending hook and loop or drawstring closure systems. All bags are puncture resistant.

Dropped objects result in serious injuries, lost productivity, tool loss, and property damage. Don't be a statistic. Remember tool nets, hard hats, and toe boards are only backup systems for Tool Fall Protection. The next time you are evaluating a project, consider Tool Fall Protection as part of your plan.

Aug 3rd 2015 Alastar Kerpel

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