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Feb 20th 2012

15% Off Coretex Hand Sanitizer

PK Safety Supply is excited to offer fifteen percent off Coretex hand sanitizer until March 20, 2012! Just visit and enter the code CLEAN15 at checkout for instant savings! Let’s go in for a closer look at this great product. Over the past few years, alcohol-based hand sanitizers have become increasingly popular, both for convenience and effectiveness at fightin … read more
Jan 23rd 2012

15% Off the All Aprons

PK is excited to slash fifteen percent off the cost of our work aprons, a perfect accessory for a wide range of undertakings in which added protection is not a plus, but a must. Simply enter APRON15 at checkout between now and February 23, 2012 for this great deal on a must-have item. Why do we have aprons on a safety site? Imagine you’re on Family Feud and the question is “uses … read more
Jan 1st 2012

10% Off the BOLO Portable Gas Leak Detector

One of the best things for the New Year is a new gadget that makes the home safer. Better still is scoring such a gadget at a discount. The Bolo Portable Gas Leak Detector from Nova Systems is a great little gas detector for home usage. It can detect dangerous levels of natural gas, propane, hydrogen, and butane. Some of these gases have a smell and some do not. Those that smell can ofte … read more