15% Off the All Aprons

15% Off the All Aprons

PK is excited to slash fifteen percent off the cost of our work aprons, a perfect accessory for a wide range of undertakings in which added protection is not a plus, but a must. Simply enter APRON15 at checkout between now and February 23, 2012 for this great deal on a must-have item.

Why do we have aprons on a safety site? Imagine you’re on Family Feud and the question is “uses for an apron.” Depending on the field you’re in, your first choice may not match what the survey says! Why? The general image of an apron involves a kitchen and some cookies, but those kinds of frilly things are entirely out of place in tougher, more dangerous arenas that demand tough as nails protection.

Our industrial apron is made of nitrile, a super tough rubber compound. Medical gloves made of nitrile are three times stronger than those made of conventional latex. Built to last, its heavy duty reinforced grommets and nylon ties keep this apron where it should be and allows it to fit all shapes and sizes of worker.

This apron is both sturdy and far more resistant to oils and acids than natural rubber, making it perfect for high impact, dirty jobs like industrial maintenance, chemical manufacturing, or food processing. For the industrial and chemical fields, the added repellant strength of nitrile protects the wearer against grease contamination or chemical burns. Oil-based paint and the oil-based solvents used to clean these materials quickly destroy cotton or plastic aprons, so think of what it can do to your skin. Artists such as painters or printmakers could benefit from wearing one of these aprons, as could housepainters. A lot happens to that big, juicy steak before it hits the grill, and most of what happens is not pretty. In the food processing industry, the nitrile surface is easily disinfected and helps combat contamination of food products. Anti-bacterial pre-treatment of the nitrile blend adds to the safety that it brings to the world of food prep.

The possible uses for this apron truly run the gamut of human creativity and productivity. Pick one up today and know the feeling of comfort that added safety brings to any undertaking.

Jan 23rd 2012 Administrator

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