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Feb 20th 2012

15% Off Coretex Hand Sanitizer

PK Safety Supply is excited to offer fifteen percent off Coretex hand sanitizer until March 20, 2012! Just visit and enter the code CLEAN15 at checkout for instant savings! Let’s go in for a closer look at this great product. Over the past few years, alcohol-based hand sanitizers have become increasingly popular, both for convenience and effectiveness at fightin … read more
Feb 13th 2012

15% Off Aervoe Collapsible Safety Cones

PK is excited to offer 15% off Aervoe collapsible safety cones with LED beacons until March 12, 2012. Just enter the coupon code CONE15 at checkout for instant savings. From a young age, we in the good old US of A are conditioned to think “Caution!” when we see a big orange cone. So important is this knowledge that the Federal Highway Commission published a key book of rules called the  … read more
Jan 30th 2012

15% Off Protecta's Roofer Fall Protection Kit

PK is excited to offer a 15% discount on the Roofer’s Fall Protection Kit by Protecta. Simply enter the coupon code ROOFER15 at checkout before March 6, 2012 and insure that you will have everything needed for a safe roofing adventure! Beyond the obvious health risks of working outside code, OSHA regulations for roofing are numerous and the penalties for violation are costly. Un … read more
Dec 19th 2011

10% Off Petzl Headlamps

We never realize how dark it is until we need light. Profound, right? Example - Try changing a tire in the dark. More numerous are instances in which a little more light would be extremely helpful, like hooking up a stereo, putting up your tent while camping, looking for keys dropped by a party guest, and the list goes on. A good solution for these troublesome events is a gadget that is … read more
Dec 5th 2011

10% Off of Positioning Lanyards

Positioning lanyards are an essential element of many job sites in the work at heights industry. Rope positioning lanyards are for workers who have a little more freedom to move about, but who want to keep away from the edge. People who work on towers or wind turbines need to stay close to the vertical structure. They use chain rebar assembly lanyards, which allow them to work with both hands a … read more