10% Off Petzl Headlamps

10% Off Petzl Headlamps

We never realize how dark it is until we need light. Profound, right? Example - Try changing a tire in the dark. More numerous are instances in which a little more light would be extremely helpful, like hooking up a stereo, putting up your tent while camping, looking for keys dropped by a party guest, and the list goes on. A good solution for these troublesome events is a gadget that is hands-free. The best solution is a product that outperforms all others. It’s why PK is excited to offer all of our  Petzl headlamps at ten percent off, just in time for the handyman or woman on your Christmas list. It is crush, water, and chemical resistant, can attach to a helmet or stand, and is tested in real world conditions by Petzl engineers.

I’ll never forget when I first saw one of these headlamps. My uncle used one on our fishing trips and it made tying on lures in the pre-dawn light a snap. He caught twice the fish of anyone else, and did not tire of reminding us. He’s one of those guys who has every gadget under the sun. If you have a relative that fits this description, a headlamp is a great and very unexpected gift. Or, if you have a relative who wears a headlamp as part of his or her job, the Petzl headlamp is a top of the line upgrade. Simply enter the code “PETZLBRIGHT” when you check out between now and January 1, 2012 to receive your discount. With ten percent off, these headlamps are simply the best gear at the best price.

Dec 19th 2011 Administrator

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