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PK Safety Holiday Gift Guide
Dec 16th 2016

PK Safety Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday season should be filled with joy and happiness, but not the anxiety that comes along with trying to find the perfect gift. Can't figure out what to give to that handy person? Take a look at the list of the latest and greatest safety products. These are some of our top picks for gifts to give to your friends and family, or to your employees. 1. MCR Safety Forceflex Anti-I … read more
Dec 19th 2011

10% Off Petzl Headlamps

We never realize how dark it is until we need light. Profound, right? Example - Try changing a tire in the dark. More numerous are instances in which a little more light would be extremely helpful, like hooking up a stereo, putting up your tent while camping, looking for keys dropped by a party guest, and the list goes on. A good solution for these troublesome events is a gadget that is … read more