Staying Safe While Working From Home

Staying Safe While Working From Home

The coronavirus outbreak has changed the way that we live, play, and work in major ways. Businesses have OSHA, WHO, the CDC, and other local organizations to turn to for guidance on how to respond. If your company has chosen to have you work from home, PK Safety can get you the tools you need to deal with at-home hazards and problems at great sale prices.

3M Peltor H10A Ear Muff

Even if you’re not around heavy machinery that requires ear protection, you’re going to be dealing with distracting sounds you might not have at work—anything from your neighbor’s lawn mower to your newly-homeschooled children to your partner on a business call of their own. The 3M Peltor Ear Muff has a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 30 dB, which is the highest in over-the-head earmuffs for people who don’t want to hear a peep while they work.

PK Safety First Aid Kits

Small accidents happen in homes all the time, and with nearly everyone staying inside, they’re much more likely. PK Safety has a variety of first aid and skin protection kits for all unexpected injuries. These kits can help you care for minor or major wounds, burns, and even aid in CPR, making them literal and figurative lifesavers. 

Working Concepts ErgoKneel Kneeling Mat

Spending all this time at home may be the perfect time to tackle those home improvement projects. But this work around the house can be tough on your knees and back, which is where an ergonomic Kneeling Mat can help. This comfortable mat is easy to clean and won’t compression set or absorb liquids, making it great for all kinds of home and garden work.

GRIT FR Hoodies & Henleys

Being safe doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort. Made in the Americas, GRIT garments are comfortable and cozy spring and summer workwear, and they’re all UL Classified with an industry-leading 2-year quality guarantee. These FR clothing items provide thermal protection and resist flames. Not only are they in stock and ready to ship, but they’re at a great price.

Your Partners in Workplace Safety

PK Safety has spent decades making sure that workers are safe and well-equipped, and we don’t plan on changing that in the face of coronavirus. Our team is navigating Covid-19 and keeping our workers safe while giving you the service you expect. Our website will always be available, and you can still contact us online or by phone at 800.829.9580.

Apr 29th 2020 PK Safety Team

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