Confined Space Communication Con-Space Hardline Systems

Confined Space Communication Con-Space Hardline Systems

Communication is essential for many confined space entry teams. Work environments may be noisy or the entry may take workers further into the space where they can't hear an outside attendant. If safety conditions should deteriorate you can't always count on wireless radios. They have dead zones and are prone to interruption or failure. And when they go down it's usually at an inopportune time.

The Con-Space hardline communication system is simplicity itself. It uses military-grade connectors and allows teams to work more efficiently together. Effectively connecting workers inside with the team outside, the system provides very reliable two-way voice communication system even in potentially explosive environments. The system is closed and private while also being intrinsically safe.

This open communication platform doesn't require workers to push buttons to talk either. People working in high noise locations or entrants who need to wear respirator masks can use the highly efficient and popular throat mikes. For regular noise level environments, a Power Talk Box can be used to talk to the whole team at once or a Con-Space Headset. This system is highly configurable and can expand for any type of project.

Con-Space communication systems are ideal not only for teams involved with traditional confined space entry like tank cleaning and utilities work, but also in the fields of aircraft manufacturing and service and other transportation, plant maintenance, manufacturing, and a range of first responder team applications.

The system delivers crystal-clear, hands-free communication that can be relied upon even in the most extreme confined space environments. If you have questions, we have answers. 1-800-829-9580.

Nov 25th 2013 Justin McCarter

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