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May 8th 2015

Confined Space Communication Must Be 100% Effective

For effective communication, a message must be sent, received and understood. Sounds simple enough, but when working in a confined space with noise, machinery, and respiratory protective equipment in place, communication can be a challenge. Confined spaces can also create an echo that interferes with clear communication. If there is an emergency situation, you can add anxiety and l … read more
Nov 25th 2013

Confined Space Communication Con-Space Hardline Systems

Communication is essential for many confined space entry teams. Work environments may be noisy or the entry may take workers further into the space where they can't hear an outside attendant. If safety conditions should deteriorate you can't always count on wireless radios. They have dead zones and are prone to interruption or failure. And when they go down it's usually at an inopportune tim … read more