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Nov 20th 2015

Confined Space Hardline Communication Systems

Radios just don't work in confined spaces. Cell phones? If your local carrier is like mine, it isn't reliable above ground, much less down below, or in heavy metal environments. Yelling? Please. If yelling worked, you wouldn't be reading this. Tugging on a rope or banging on a pipe are also terrible ways to pass information back and forth, especially in an emergency. The only viable answer is a … read more
Nov 25th 2013

Confined Space Communication Con-Space Hardline Systems

Communication is essential for many confined space entry teams. Work environments may be noisy or the entry may take workers further into the space where they can't hear an outside attendant. If safety conditions should deteriorate you can't always count on wireless radios. They have dead zones and are prone to interruption or failure. And when they go down it's usually at an inopportune tim … read more