RAE Systems AutoRAE Lite for ToxiRAE 3 T01-0

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The AutoRAE Lite from RAE Systems is a quick, easy and low-cost bump test and calibration station made specifically for use with the ToxiRAE 3 Single Gas Monitor (test gas canisters and gas monitors are sold separately from this unit). If you are using a number of ToxiRAE 3s, the AutoRAE Lite Bump and Calibration Station allows you to automate the process of ensuring that your employees have functioning detectors. It also logs gas detection information and keeps track of monitor use. This self-service device allows you, your workers or your support staff to concentrate on the exceptions rather than having to bump test and calibrate each unit by hand. Just 2 buttons - Bump and Calibrate. 12 seconds to bump, and 2 minutes to calibrate. Complete records (Excel format) of these events are kept on the included SD storage card for download to a PC via the included USB cable. A 34-liter cylinder of Calibration Gas can provide about 800 bump tests, about 180 calibrations or some combination of the two. If you choose to use batteries, 700 bump tests can be made on one set of 4 C-cells. The AutoRAE Lite operates on a low-pressure system with a built-in pump to draw calibration gas from the demand flow regulator. This helps ensure that gas is not wasted, and only flows when a ToxiRAE 3 is in place.

FAQs: How often do I need to calibrate my gas monitor?

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T01-0100-000 - Bump Test and Calibration (ToxiRAE 3 version)

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