A Great New Fan for Confined Space Ventilation

A Great New Fan for Confined Space Ventilation

Looking for a great confined space fan that won't break the bank? The Ecko K30 ventilation fan is the newest ventilator from the experts at Euramco. This 12 in. blower/exhauster and has a .62 horsepower motor and is part of Euramco's economy line of blower. The features of this fan are similar to much more expensive models.

The K30 is capable of moving over 2400 cubic feet of air per minute. That's a whole lot of air. It has a precision-balanced 11-blade, polypropylene impeller. The balanced blade makes the unit highly efficient and keeps the air moving amazingly well. The grill is powder-coated.

The bottom-mounted on/off switch has a water-resistant cover and, like the rest of the unit, is pretty rugged. Unlike the Ecko 1210 which this fan is replacing, the K30 has a polyethylene shell that won't dent, and makes the unit lighter - only 37 lbs. An easy-grip handle is molded into the unit so you don't end up with the shaky, rattling handle that plagued other fans.

When you turn the fan on, it does create some noise. But maybe not as much as you'd expect. That air direction is clearly marked by the large arrow on the top of the unit. You'll also be able to tell by turning it on. It's pretty hard to mistake.

If you want to push air into a space, turn your fan's arrow in that direction. I know this is a little simplistic, but you'd be surprised. Ducting attaches easily to the either end of the unit so you can pull or push air, depending on your need.

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