ECKO K30 12 in. Blower/Exhauster Fan - Economy Line

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The 12 in. Ecko K30 blower/exhauster provides quality engineering and great value. This 12 in. ventilator and has a .62 horsepower motor and is part of Euramco's economy line of blower. However, the features of this fan are similar to much more expensive models. The K30 is a compact, portable turbo ventilator unit. It has a precision-balanced 11-blade, polypropylene fan. The balanced blade makes the unit highly efficient and keeps the air moving amazingly well. The grill is powder-coated. The Ecko K30 has a corrosion- and UV-resistant polyethylene shell that won't dent, and helps keep the unit light - only 37 lbs. An easy-grip handle is molded into the top of the fan. Unlike screwed-on handles, this one won't end up shaking and rattling every time you turn the fan on. Large fans like the K30 make some noise when they are running, like any big fan would. But in our experience the noise from the Ecko K30 is not deafening like some fans.

Noise Levels:

  • 3 ft. 95dB
  • 6 ft. 90dB
  • 10 ft. 84dB

The K30 is capable of moving over 2400 cubic feet of air per minute. The K30 can work in a chain with additional K30 fans and ducting to move more air a further distance.

Total Weight: 37 lbs.

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