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Jun 5th 2015

A Great New Fan for Confined Space Ventilation

Looking for a great confined space fan that won't break the bank? The Ecko K30 ventilation fan is the newest ventilator from the experts at Euramco. This 12 in. blower/exhauster and has a .62 horsepower motor and is part of Euramco's economy line of blower. The features of this fan are similar to much more expensive models. The K30 is capable of moving over 2400 cubic feet of air per mi … read more
Jan 21st 2013

Airlines Finding Ventilators are a Cool Way to Increase Profits

Airlines are finding RamFans a cool way to boost profits. Every minute an airplane is on the ground, it stops making money. One of the reasons planes stay on the ground is the safety regulations regarding brake temperatures. It takes a tremendous amount of energy to stop a plane and that energy translates into high heat. Once the plane lands, the brake systems need time to cool down. … read more