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Workplace Material Handling & Safety Magazine is a physical and digital publication for buyers and sellers of equipment, materials, services, and supplies. It caters to manufacturing companies, warehouse workers, and process engineers looking to expand and improve their operations using the latest safety techniques. The website focuses on every aspect of the material handling process, including tips for working with various types of potentially hazardous materials, safety equipment information and reviews, and updates about the latest industry regulations.

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The Importance of Glove Coatings January 30, 2024

Discover the pivotal role of glove coatings in worker hand protection across industries, environments and job requirements. READ MORE


ABCDs of Fall Safety for Construction Workers September 29, 2023

Trips and falls are among the most common workplace injuries, which makes fall safety protection an industry requirement. The ABCDs of fall safety can help you and your team be prepared for anything. READ MORE


Guide to a Safe Lockout/Tagout September 29, 2023

The following seven steps provide a guide to assist you in carrying out a safe LOTO. READ MORE


Working Safely Around Silica July 14, 2023

Silica dust is a common hazard in the construction industry. Some 2 million construction workers are exposed to respirable crystalline silica in over 600,000 workplaces. Crews need to keep these tips in mind to protect themselves from harm. READ MORE


Preventing Hearing Loss in Construction and Demolition July 14, 2023

It’s crucial that employers protect their workers from permanent hearing damage by providing essential safety equipment, including ear plugs and/or earmuffs. READ MORE


How to Choose the Proper Face Protection May 2, 2023

Every job is different, so employers shouldn’t use a one-size-fits-all approach when selecting facial protection for their teams. READ MORE


Understanding and Avoiding the Dangers of Dropped Objects April 26, 2023

With fall protection technology becoming more effective and aimed to be more user-friendly than ever, what may be less obvious is fall protection for tools. It’s not only inconvenient when your tool falls out of your reach, but if it hits someone below – especially a passerby who isn’t wearing PPE – injuries or death could result. READ MORE


What to Look for When Inspecting Your Fall Safety PPE April 26, 2023

Consider the five following problem areas before you put your gear on to determine whether it’s time to discard and replace it. READ MORE


Finding the Right Eye Protection March 1, 2023

In honor of Workplace Eye Wellness Month, here are tips to help you keep your vision sharp and your eyes safe at work and how to choose the eye protection for your workplace or job. READ MORE


Choosing the Right Safety Gloves February 1, 2023

A worker’s hands are an invaluable tool, so it’s crucial to protect them from potential hazards on the job. Safety gloves aim to do just that, but each pair is equipped with different features that protect workers’ hands from a range of worksite dangers. READ MORE



Shutdown Turnaround Safety: Know the Biggest Risks and How to Avoid Them October 4, 2022

Like every job, there are risks associated with shutdown and turnaround processes. Keep the following common risks in mind along with ways to best avoid them. READ MORE


Safety Gloves with Touchscreen Capabilities May 31, 2022

Touchscreen technology isn’t going anywhere and is showing up in more workplaces. Use touchscreens safely and effectively with compatible safety gloves. READ MORE


Gloves for Trenching: How to Find the Perfect Pair May 19, 2022

In construction trenching, workers remove rocks, soil, and other material from the ground for the placement or repair of buried utilities, pipelines, water transport, and other potentially hazardous activities. These materials can be dangerous to workers, especially on their hands. READ MORE


Safety Glasses: Getting the Best Fit May 4, 2022

Safety glasses aren’t one size fits all. These tips will help your team get glasses that fit properly. READ MORE


Improving Worker Safety: How to Keep Your Plant or Facility Accident Free April 6, 2022

Without a plan for worker safety, your business will suffer from accidents and equipment failures. Avoid these problems by thinking about safety from the start. READ MORE


When is it Time to Replace Your Work Gloves? March 15, 2022

All gloves will eventually need to be replaced, especially if you’re wearing them all the time. Consider these factors when you suspect it might be time to replace your work gloves. READ MORE


How To Avoid OSHA’s “Focus 4” Construction Hazards February 16, 2022

Managers and workers should learn about these four hazards and how they occur, so they can do everything they can to prevent them from occurring in the first place. READ MORE


What to Consider When Looking for Cut-Resistant Gloves June 1, 2021

Not all work gloves are equally protective, which can make buying the right pair of safety gloves overwhelming. Think about the specific criteria you need before you make your glove choices. READ MORE


Workplace Material & Safety Magazine includes a wide range of content about transporting and retrieving items in the workplace. There are tips for using ladders, conveyors, lift trucks, packaging materials, and other processing and logistics equipment. It provides safety information for working with different materials, including toxic chemicals, sharp objects, electrical equipment, and hot surfaces. 

The magazine also offers expert advice on improving ergonomics so your workers don’t strain their muscles or joints when doing manual labor. Employees in the shipping, warehousing, and material handling industry are often asked to complete repetitive tasks that can limit mobility and cause chronic pain later in life. These articles spotlight equipment and techniques that reduce the physical impact of the job while increasing efficiency. 

The conditions of your facility can limit productivity and put workers at risk. Workplace Material & Safety Magazine looks at some of the most pressing environmental issues facing warehouse employees today, including how to prevent hearing loss, heat stress, and face, eye, and hand protection, while recommending solutions that keep workers safe. 

As a leading retailer of PPE, PK Safety is a regular contributor to Workplace Material & Safety Magazine. Our authors provide industry-leading tips on how to choose the right safety equipment for all types of material handlers. The content highlights the potential hazards of interacting with various objects and how these threats can be avoided. You will find articles on choosing gloves, footwear, flame-resistant clothing, safety goggles, earplugs/muffs, and so much more. Browse these Workplace Material & Safety Magazine articles to help your workers do the job as quickly and as safely as possible.