Safety Goggles

Safety Goggles

Safety goggles are one of the best ways to protect your eyes from workplace hazards, whether you need protection from extreme temperatures, chemicals, or bright lights while working, PK Safety offers a wide selection of goggles and compatible equipment from safety brands we trust.

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Protect your eyes from injury with professional safety glasses and goggles. Pyramex goggles and Uvex goggles protect against chemical splashes and direct impacts, ensuring your safety when working in potentially hazardous situations. MCR Safety offers face shield goggles with impact and splash protection. PIP goggles offer excellent anti-fog coatings, making them wearable in many different workplace conditions.

PK Safety vets all of our products, including our safety goggles and protective eyewear. If you have questions about the products we carry, reach out online or by phone and our worker safety experts can answer your questions and help you select the right products.

What are safety goggles?

Safety goggles are different from swim goggles and prescription glasses. While there are differences between goggles designed for different hazards, they generally have straps to fit snugly around the head and seals around the lenses to keep them securely on your face.

Safety goggles are safety eyewear worn in certain work environments. They are used in various industries due to the many hazards that can pose serious risks to the eyes. These hazards include liquid splashes, caustic vapors, airborne dust or particles, UV or other light radiation, and impact hazards. Not all goggles protect against every single hazard available, so the safety goggles you choose should be rated for the job and the hazards you need to protect yourself against.

When should you wear protective goggles?

You should wear protective goggles whenever you’re in an area where workplace hazards pose a risk to your eyes. It’s worth protecting your eyes even if you aren’t directly involved in a task—you don’t want flying shrapnel or sudden bright flashes of light to permanently damage your eyes. Ensure you choose goggles that fit the job at hand and properly fit on your face. Note that different hazards require different protective measures, meaning that some jobs might require goggles that work well with other PPE. For example, respiratory protection may require compatible goggles to guard against airborne dust hazards.

Safety goggles and other protective eyewear come in many options so several pairs could meet your industry or job-specific demands. Ask a safety expert at PK Safety to help you find the correct eye protection and safety equipment to protect you from workplace hazards.