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Working Concepts ErgoKneel Extreme Standing Mat 5035 36 x 60 in.

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Our customers who work standing on hard surfaces all day really appreciate the comfort provided by the ErgoKneel Extreme Standing Mat. This large (36x60 in.) work station anti-fatigue mat is 1 in. thick and made of soft, closed cell nitrile foam. Some of the great features of this product: The foam will not compress over time, and is highly resistant to liquids including oil and other petroleum products. The ErgoKneel standing mats are made for rugged work environments and are easy to clean with just soap and water. They can also be placed over many different floor surfaces. While they work very well on steel and concrete, they are also excellent over metal grates, stone, brick, gravel, or tile floors.Anti-fatigue mats can reduce pain and stress on the lower back and in the legs and feet. The ErgoKneel Extreme mats are soft and comfortable, yet they are also very stable, and workers tend to feel like they have better grip and balance while standing on them.

Dimensions: 36x60 in.

Note: Large volume orders may have a lead time of 5 days.

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3' x 5' x 1"
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