Working Concepts ErgoKneel Extreme Standing Mat 5030 18 x 36 in.

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Designed for standing workers, the ErgoKneel 5030 Extreme Standing Mat provides long-term comfort and relief for those who stand on a hard surface to complete their projects. For sore feet, ankles, and calves an anti-fatigue mat like the large-sized 18in. x 36 in. closed cell foam ErgoKneel makes stationary work far less painful. This soft, nitrile foam pad, while it provides a comfortable surface, is still completely stable. It does not compress with use, and will continue to provide protection from the hard surfaces of factory, office or home work positions for a long time. This is a great mat for use with standing desks. This ErgoKneel standing mat has beveled edges to reduce tripping, is 1in. thick and made of flexible, rubber-like nitrile. The mat can be placed on regular hard surfaces such as concrete or steel, or it can be used on uneven or unstable surfaces such as metal grates, tile, brick, or gravel. The ErgoKneel anti-fatigue pads are not electrically conductive, clean up easily with soap and water, and can't catch fire because they are self-extinguishing. These products continue to receive the very highest customer ratings for comfort and durability.

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18" x 36"

5 Reviews

  • 5
    My knees are pleased

    Posted by Joey on Dec 31st 2014

    Work bought them for us...for the electricians, the machinists, and maintenance crew. They work really well to relieve back pain and fatigue while wiring, machining, and doing general maintenance. I liked them so well I bought them for my shop.

  • 5
    lovin my standing pad

    Posted by xeniba on Apr 12th 2014

    def reccomend this one

  • 4
    Popular choice

    Posted by burro on Mar 20th 2014

    My dept. at work is encouraging more standing while working to get folks out of their chairs, and employees like the idea. Sit/Stand desks are being provided but the complaint of various aches while standing for extended periods was being heard. One of these mats was purchased and passed around. The general consensus was positive and a group of mats was purchased to accommodate the users. The mats are being used and there seems to be general contentment among the troops regarding extended periods of standing. Good product.

  • 5

    Posted by Eddiesan on Feb 7th 2014

    I recently put together and adjustable height desk at home to get my butt out of my chair. However, I found that after an hour or so my lower back started to tighten up and my feet and knees started hurting. I would eventually have to sit down to relieve the pain. A co-worker who works a booth outdoors for several hours every Saturday has one of these and recommended it.

    I'm so glad I bought. I can stand for much longer know. I think I've stood as long as 4 hours before sitting down to take a break.

  • 5
    Very comfortable

    Posted by Chris on Aug 20th 2013

    These mats are very comfortable and durable. Very good value.

    comfortable, cost, durable