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RKI PS 2 Combustible Single Point Stand Alone Monitor

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RKI PS 2 Combustible Single Point Stand Alone Monitor is a perfect low cost solution for hydrogen detection in battery rooms, or for LEL level detection of a variety of flammable or solvent vapors in general industry. The Model PS 2 is a multipurpose gas monitor utilizing a MOS (metal oxide sensor) for long lasting and low maintenance detection of LEL levels of many gases or vapors. The PS 2 has two alarm levels for increasing gas or vapor levels. Inquire at the factory for your specific requirement. Each alarm level activates a 12 amp relay inside the unit, and terminals are provided for wiring the relay to activate an external alarm device or some other device such as a ventilation fan

Applications: Battery storage locations, Petrochemical plants, Refineries, Water & wastewater treatment plants, Degreasers, Gas, telephone, & electric utilities, Manufacturing facilities, Steel, Automotive, HVAC

Key Features:

  • LEL detection available for many gases
  • 2 alarm levels
  • Stand alone system
  • Input voltages: 24 VDC standard, 115 VAC or 48 VDC (optional)
  • Audible and visual alarms
  • Compact design
  • Simple installation
  • AC version equipped with power cord
  • Relay contacts rated 12A @ 115 VAC
  • Low maintenance

Specification Sheet:

 Specification Sheet



Product Number: (Specify gas & alarm points when ordering)
73-1020RK-01 PS 2 for LEL detection, 24 VDC powered
73-1021RK-01 PS 2 for LEL detection, 115 VAC powered (supplied with a 6’ power cord.)
73-1022RK-01 PS 2 for LEL detection, 48 VDC powered

*inquire about adding calibration kits with the monitor.

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Additional Information

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0.60 LBS
3.15 (in)
1.20 (in)
4.72 (in)
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