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3M DBI-SALA Fall Protection

PK Safety sells a variety of fall protection products from 3M DBI-SALA. When you choose to buy your high-quality 3M DBI SALA Fall Protection products from PK Safety, you have the added benefit of access to our trained product experts who understand the ins and outs of the safety gear we offer. You can also access resources, educational blog posts and other valuable information on our website to help you learn about and use your safety products.

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DBI-SALA ExoFit STRATA Construction Positioning Harness,Tri-Lock


About The Company: 3M DBI-SALA

DBI-SALA has been a trusted brand for workers concerned with fall protection for over 75 years. Now that DBI SALA is part of its product family, 3M continues the tradition of high-quality, trustworthy, comfortable fall protection gear that DBI-SALA customers have come to know and appreciate.

3M is a company known for its customer-driven business model. Its team of fall protection experts join workers in the field to understand the ins and outs of different industries and their safety concerns. This allows 3M to make products that customers will be able to rely on for their everyday worksite needs. 

Our 3M DBI-SALA Fall Protection Offerings

You can choose from a variety of 3M DBI-SALA Fall Protection safety harnesses and more from PK Safety. Here are a few of our most popular options from this brand:

DBI SALA Roof Anchor: The DBI-SALA Permanent Roof Anchor with Cap can be bolted onto a sloped residential roof’s rafter. It can be used to provide a secure fall protection anchor point on any rooftop. It features an integral D-ring anchorage point and a weather-tight cap to protect against corrosion. This anchor is fit for rafters up to 2x8 and has a minimum breaking strength of 5,000 pounds.

DBI SALA Safety Harness: The Protecta Harness and Lanyard Combo with Bag creates a single fall protection kit for a range of industries. The six-foot lanyard absorbs shock, while the carry and storage bag is heavy-duty for the most unpredictable of work conditions. This kit meets all OSHA and ANSI Z359 standards with a total weight capacity of 310 pounds.

3M DBI-SALA 3-Piece Rescue Davit System: This convenient freestanding system requires no tools or setup to begin operation. It boasts a four leg design and a pivoting arm that allows for rotation away from an opening to be lowered to the ground in a secure location. A basic rescue winch rounds out its impressive and safe design. The winch lifeline rope is made of synthetic materials to protect against sparking and electrical conductivity.

3M DBI-SALA R550 Rescue System: This system creates an at-height rescue ready kit that is lightweight, durable, compact, and easy to carry. Its pockets and label cards make proper setup and use simpler, while the rated lifting point is integrated on the top for even greater ease of use. Drilling and service rig workers will especially benefit from this emergency rescue and evacuation kit.

Are you interested in even more 3M DBI-SALA Fall Protection products? Browse all of our offerings below. You are sure to find the Fall Protection equipment that you and your crew need to meet safety requirements and stay safe in the workplace.

Contact PK Safety for More Information

For more information about our 3M DBI-SALA Fall Protection lineup, get in touch with a safety expert at PK Safety. Email or call Toll-Free: 855-469-2728. Visit our website to learn more about shipping and find answers to other common customer questions. You can also learn more about our quick reorder feature that makes being a PK Safety customer that much more simple and valuable.