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RAE Benzene Separation Tubes Cartridges M01-0312-000

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  • RAE01-M01-0312-000-Product_Image_1
  • RAE01-M01-0312-000-Product_Image_1


Note: This is a "Special Order" product that cannot be exchanged and is non-returnable

RAE Systems Benzene Separation Tubes Cartridges are used with the MultiRAE Benzene to perform a snapshot measurement of benzene. One cartridge contains six benzene RAE-Separation tubes.

Applications: Confined Space Entry, Environmental Cleanups/ Remediation, Exploration, Leak Detection, Plant Shutdown & Turn-Around

Key Features:

  • Available for Benzene snap shot measurement only
  • Compatible with MultiRAE Benzene only
  • Automatic sampling time adjustment according to environment temperature
  • 2 modes: Total VOC measurement & Benzene mode
  • Allows 6 Benzene snap shot measurement


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