Pyramex V2G-XP Hot/Cold Resistant Goggles

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Pyramex V2G-XP Hot/Cold Resistant Goggles combine two lenses to insulate against extreme cold or high heat and resist fogging, sun glare, dust, flying particles, wind and harmful UV rays. These anti-fogging goggles are a great winter goggle for snowmobiling, hunting, ice fishing, winter road construction, freezer workers, winter cycling, motorcycle riders, and commercial fishing. They are also used extensively by the military as a hot weather, ballistic goggle that provides protection from flying sand, wind and UV rays. The VG2 XP Goggles' tough polycarbonate outer lens provides certified ballistic protection against debris. The interior acetate lens combines to sandwich a protective layer of air between two lenses, similar to a dual pane window. This Thermo Lens System keeps hot and cold from getting to your face and it prevents fogging. The V2G-XP Goggles' lens system is housed in a thermoplastic polyurethane frame that provides 180 degree vision protection while being extremely flexible and comfortable.
  • Black frame
  • Anti-fog clear lens
  • Protection against excessive glare
  • Provides 99% protection from harmful UV-A and UV-B rays.
  • TPU frame
  • Indirect ventilation
  • Quick release straps
  • Meets ANSI Z87.1-2003 high impact requirements
  • CE EN166 certified
  • CAN/CSA Z94.3-07
  • Mil-V-43511c ballistic standards
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7 Reviews

  • 5
    Good Goggles

    Posted by T on Jul 10th 2015

    Very good goggles for my use; sanding, drilling, grinding, etc. Nice adjustable headband. Good seal against the face, but soft enough to wear for hours. Haven't had any fog issues. Great value.

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    Great goggles-won't fog up

    Posted by SOLOLUCKY on Dec 30th 2014

    Well I bought 3 pairs of these goggles for airsofting safety for me and my 2 boys. I had fogging issues with regular goggles and safety glasses. But after getting these that issues is taken care of. I tried to fog these up and could not do it. Running with a shemaugh, boonie hat, neoprene face mask, anything to force my exhaled air into them and still would not fog.
    I would recommend these and will be buying another pair just to keep in my tool box for working under vehicles as safety glasses are inferior when under a vehicle.
    And as stated before don't forget to take the protective film off the inside of the goggles.

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    Nice but ski goggles R better for sports

    Posted by mike on Aug 26th 2013

    used for winter bicycling. didn't want to always wear bulky ski goggles so I bought these. they are definitely no fog so that's a major plus but I can not shorten the strap enough for a good fit. also there are small gaps at both ends. seems like they would fit better on larger heads. ok for use with balaclava but since they are sleeker, they do not cover all exposed skin. bottom line, nice goggles for casual winter sports but ski goggles work, fit, and feel much better. Made in Taiwan. At least it's not China.

    Clear lens for nite, Durable, Sleek, Definitely no fog

    Not perfect seal, Good for bigger heads, Strap too long

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    Update from Mike

    Posted by Mike on Aug 26th 2013

    been using these goggles a lot for the past two weeks or so. it's amazing how warm you can get just wearing these goggles with a balaclava and hat. and the no fog is a major treat. I wear them when operating the snowblower, cycling, or just general work outside in the cold. They look a bit silly on me but that's probably because I'm skinny with a slender, long shaped head. but who cares. those who have anything negative to say to me about me wearing these goggles are the ones who never leave their houses in the winter.only gave 4 stars because i had to modify the strap to get a better fit.

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    Nice Goggles

    Posted by Chem guy on Aug 26th 2013

    I use these goggles for my chemistry lab. They are a lot nicer than the standard chemistry goggles. They fit nicely to my face and unlike others I haven't had any issue with the adjustable strap.

    High Quality, Comfortable, Scratch Resistant


  • 5
    Awesome Goggles

    Posted by Charles on Aug 26th 2013

    These goggles are awesome! We purchased two of these and use them for painting with a spray gun, blowing debris out of gutters, trimming trees with a chain saw, sanding wood with a sander, etc. It seems to clean up real well with a little water and glass cleaner.

    Fits great.
    Can also wear a 3M mask with it comfortably.


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    Not for Extreme Cold

    Posted by Robert on Aug 26th 2013

    I work in the Arctic and need a goggle that does not fog up when it is -25 to -55 degrees Fahrenheit. These goggles fogged up pretty quickly. They also get really firm in the cold and become very uncomfortable. I could see that they may be good for other applications, but not up here.

    Nothing that I used them for.

    They fog up easily and are very uncomfortable.