Pyramex Safety

Pyramex Aluminum Cap Style Hard Hat Adapter HHAA

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Pyramex Safety
Pyramex Aluminum Cap Style Hard Hat Adapter HHAA


The Pyramex Aluminum Cap Style Hard Hat Adapter is a face shield bracket constructed from lightweight aluminum. Universal sizing fits on the brim of most cap style hard hats and accommodates a variety of face shields. The grooved front of the bracket slips over bill of cap style hard hats. The spring wraps around back of hat for secure fit. Pivoting action allows user to lift face shield up and out of the way while wearing, allowing a closer look at the workpiece. Both the Willson M86 Clear Face Shield and Pyramex S-1010 Clear Face Shield fit this headgear. Please note that safety glasses must be worn simultaneously, since a face shield is not rated as primary eye protection. Flying debris can get around the edges of the shield and injure your eye. The benefit of wearing a face shield is to stop particles from flying into your face while using a polishing wheel or grinder. Please note that there is a limit to what the shield will protect against, as pressure built up around the grinding wheels can project particles at great force. Please use caution when working with power tools.

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