Safety Glasses

Safety Glasses

You need to protect your eyes when working with or near hazardous substances, such as sharp objects, open flames, toxic substances, and other workplace hazards. Your eyes are among the most vulnerable parts of your body and you need to protect them accordingly. Use safety glasses to protect your vision in the field. They are proven to reduce eye injuries when worn. 


We sell a wide range of safety glasses on our website, including those that sit on the face, those that wrap around the ears, and those that connect at the back of the head. If you and your team are constantly bending over on the job, it’s best to secure your glasses from behind, so they don’t fall off. With so many frame styles to choose from, you can rest assured that your glasses will stay on your face where they belong. We also carry tinted safety glasses to help you see outside in the bright sunlight.

Keeping your safety glasses clean will enable you to see clearly in the field, even in the rain, snow, or mud. If your glasses get dirty, we have cleaning wipes and lens cleaning stations. Also, most glasses now come with anti-scratch lenses for lasting quality assurance. 

Our safety glasses and safety goggles are perfect eye protection for welders, engineers, and other hardworking professionals. Regardless of what you and your team need in the field, you can find it right here at PK Safety. Contact us today to learn more about protecting your eyes on the job.