Oilman Magazine

Oilman Magazine is the go-to resource for the latest developments, insights, and trends across the oil and gas industry. The bi-monthly publication is renowned for its comprehensive industry overview spanning the upstream, midstream, and downstream value chains. 

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Expert Answers About Gas Monitor Calibration May 8, 2020

An interview with John Saechao, a gas monitor and warranty expert who calibrates and services gas monitors in-house at PK Safety. READ MORE


Gas Detection and the Connected Worker September 6, 2019

In our increasingly connected world, portable gas detectors have been slow to keep up with the latest digital trends. In the age of IoT, you can control your toaster and home thermostat using an app on your smartphone, but what about your portable gas detector? READ MORE


Protective Clothing Buyer's Guide for the Oil Industry November/December 2018

It’s the responsibility of employers in the oil and gas industry to recognize and control the potential hazards as much as possible, which means creating a workplace safety culture and providing the right equipment for the job to ensure that the risk of injuries and fatalities are minimized as much as possible. READ MORE


Expansive coverage in Oilman Magazine includes the following:

  • Upstream: Exploration, drilling, and production
  • Midstream: Pipeline and transportation markets
  • Downstream: Reports on developments in the petrochemical and refinery segment

Each issue is a collection of informative articles, profile features, and interviews with industry leaders, highlights from the energy sector, innovative products, guest articles from trusted partners, and analyses from esteemed contributors. 

The Magazine for Leaders in American Industry 

As the premier destination for leaders within the American energy landscape, Oilman Magazine provides unique insights into key industry sectors covering local and international energy markets, including:

  • Important statistics on global markets and activity
  • Key project updates
  • In-depth analysis of issues and events

Oilman Magazine’s holistic view of the industry provides all the relevant information concerning industry professionals, from market trends and regular updates on key players’ day-to-day operations to technological advancements and emerging applications. 

The magazine enhances its rich and informative content by using engaging formats, vibrant visuals, and captivating layouts. These result in a publication that’s pivotal in spearheading discussions and helping shape opinions that matter. 

Oil and Gas Safety 

Proper safety supply is crucial when working in the oil and gas industry. Oil and gas are filled with hazardous toxins that can be harmful to your health. These substances can easily get into your skin or be ingested if you’re not wearing the right personal protective equipment (PPE). So, if you work at an oil production facility or petrochemical plant, gearing up before heading out in the field is paramount.  

PK Safety offers the following equipment to keep oil and gas workers safe:

  • Portable Gas Monitors
  • Respiratory Protection
  • Eye Protection
  • Hearing Protection
  • Hand and Foot Protection
  • Fall Arrest Systems
  • Flame-Resistant Clothing

The specific levels of protection required from these pieces of equipment vary based on the job responsibilities and the relevant safety standards for your industry.

Oilman Magazine and PK Safety 

As a leading provider of safety equipment and solutions for the oil and gas industry, PK Safety collaborates with Oilman Magazine to contribute valuable insights on workplace safety, respiratory protection, gas detection, PPEs, and equipment maintenance. 

With a shared commitment to ensuring the well-being of industry workers, PK Safety’s expertise seamlessly aligns with Oilman Magazine’s mission to empower leaders and professionals in the energy sector.  

Browse the following Oilman Magazine articles to stay in the know with the latest oil and gas safety insights and tips from the workplace safety experts at PK Safety.