Moldex Spectacle Kit 0098

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The Moldex 0098 Spectacle Kit allows users of the Moldex 9000 Series Full Face Mask to wear it with corrective prescription lenses.

Manufacturer Recommendations:

  • For optimal positioning, the frame can be moved up and down on the rail plus in and out with the rubber slide. The rubber slide comes preassembled on the frame in the medium/large position, with the up/down slide channels closest to the nose bridge.
  • If user has been fitted with a mask size small then pull out rubber slide, reverse, and push back on the frame's mount.
  • Attach the frame by inserting the rail into the channels in rubber slide.
  • Install the rail, with frame attached, into face piece as shown, with the two slots pushed into receiving pins at top of lens, the lower tab slides between the two lower guide pins located on lens.

Caution: Do not wear the Moldex 9000 Full Face Mask with regular eyeglasses as these will cause the seal to be broken and prevent proper fit and protection.

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1 Box per Case
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