Honeywell 462 32oz. Double Eyewash



32 oz. Double Wall Station contains two 32 oz. (.95 L) squeeze bottles of Eyesaline Solution for immediate usage. The Double Wall Stations mount easily with peel-off self-adhesive (included) or screws. High visibility in any eye hazard area, ready for emergency flushing and decontamination of the eyes and face. Durable Eyesaline Wall Stations provide close-to-the-work convenience and immediate accessibility. If the eye injury is not incapacitating, the injured person can be helped to an emergency eyewash device during the initial flushing, helping to eliminate any delay in obtaining complete 15-minute decontamination of the eye(s). Directions for use are permanently printed on each wall station. Wall Stations are Eyesaline green for easy identification.

Part Number:
32-000462-0000 (462)

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Additional Information

Country of Origin:
United States
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