High Visibility Rainwear

High Visibility Rainwear

Heavy rain shouldn’t ruin your workday, but you need to make sure your team stays visible when working under these conditions. Rain makes it difficult to see, especially late at night. At PK Safety, we sell a wide variety of best high visibility rain gear, high-visibility rainwear and workwear clothing. These warm, insulating pieces of clothing are made with highly reflective silver and yellow materials. Your team will be able to see each other across long distances, helping you avoid accidents and everyday hazards on the job. If you’re working in or near the street, drivers will be able to see you and your team as well. 


Our rainwear is also completely waterproof, so your team won’t get soaked during their shift. You can stay dry and comfortable when working in the rain, so you can better focus on the task at hand. Many options of rain suits also come with tapered edges and sleeves to keep water out of your clothes. You don’t have to worry about drips of water sliding down your arms and legs as you and your team slosh through the rain. High Visibility Jackets, such as the 3M Scotchlite Reflective Jacket, raincoats, and pants also come with multiple pockets to help you and your team stay organized in the field. You can quickly reach for your flashlight, keys, and other equipment without losing anything important. 

Choose from some of the best high visibility gear in the industry, including MCR and PIP. If you have any questions about our high visibility rainwear, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.