High Visibility Jackets

We all know it’s important to stay visible on the job, especially when working outdoors at night. Seeing your colleagues helps you and others in the area to avoid accidents and workplace injuries. If it’s cold, you also need to stay warm. So why not combine these two pieces of clothing into one hi-vis winter jacket? With the right reflective clothing, you and your team can stay safe and comfortable on the job. 

At PK Safety, we sell a variety of hi-vis clothing, including jackets, Dickies high visibility hoodie, windbreakers, and winter coats. Our clothing is made with specially made reflective materials to keep you and your team visible on the job. You’ll be able to watch out for your colleagues during fog, rain, snow, and other winter-related hazards. Warm and yet breathable, our jackets combine the best of both worlds. You don’t have to sacrifice safety for comfort or vice versa. Our jackets come in a variety of sizes and styles, so you can find the right jacket for every member of your team. 

Our jackets are also waterproof with an elastic wristband around the sleeves, so you can stay warm and dry, even under the harshest conditions. With the attached hood and collar, you can also insulate the back of your head and neck from the wind and cold. Combine with our cold weather work gloves or traffic safety vests to give you ultimate protection. Staying comfortable and visible helps you do your job with more peace of mind. Shop our selection of high visibility jackets and coats to stay safe during winter weather.