GfG Wireless Microtector III G888C O2, LEL, CO, H2S Gas Detector

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$1,745.00 - $2,000.00


GfG Microtector III G888C O2, LEL, CO, H2S Gas Detector can transfer the current measurement data using wireless technology, to a central device or an operations center. The visualization software displays all connected devices and their current statuses as well as motion alerting man-down status. This allows real-time monitoring from a central point on the safety status of each employee.

The integrated data logger records the measured gas concentrations and activated alarms over a period of up to 500 hours. The stored data can be downloaded and saved using the configurator software.

Key Features:

  • Includes smart charging/calibration cap and cable
  • ISM 915 MHz RF wireless
  • Optional charging cradle and wall power adapter
  • Monitor includes motion alert (man-down) warning
  • LED flashlight standard
  • Datalogging standard
  • Highly configurable smart sensor design
  • 300 m range wireless (if specified
  • Full featured, compact and rugged design"
  • 5 year warranty O2 (lead free) sensor
  • 3 year warranty cc LEL†, CO, H2S sensors




Part Numbers:
G888C-130102000001 - Instrument Only
G888C-130102000011 - Instrument with charging cradle and wall power adapter

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Additional Information

Gas Type:
%LEL, O2, H2S, CO
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