GfG Polytector III G999P O2, CO/H2S, H2(0-4%), PID, IR LEL Gas Detector

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$5,755.00 - $6,010.00


GfG Polytector III G999P O2, CO/H2S, H2(0-4%), PID, IR LEL Gas Detector unites technical innovation with attractive design. The outstanding performance, compact size and exceptionally light weight in this new generation of portable gas detection devices is where safety meets design. The G999 (with integrated motorized sampling pump) can transfer the current measurement data using wireless technology (Requires RF wireless), to a central device or an operations center. The visualization software displays all connected devices and their current statuses as well as motion alerting man-down status. This allows real-time monitoring from a central point on the safety status of each employee.

The integrated data logger records the measured gas concentrations and activated alarms over a period of up to 500 hours. The stored data can be downloaded and saved using the configurator software.

Key Features:

  • Includes calibration cap, cable, charging cradle, wall power adapter, integrated pump, sample probe and tubing
  • Optional ISM 915 MHz RF to make the monitor wireless
  • Monitor includes motion alert (man-down) warning
  • LED flashlight standard
  • Datalogging standard
  • Highly configurable smart sensor design
  • Full featured, compact and rugged design
  • 5 year warranty O2 (lead free) sensor
  • 3 year warranty CO/H2S, H2 (0-4%), PID (0-2,000 ppm), IR LEL sensors


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Part Numbers:
G999P-03033200706110 - Non-Wireless
G999P-03033200706111 - Wireless

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Additional Information

Gas Type:
%LEL, O2, H2S, CO, H2, VOC
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