GfG DS400 Docking Station for G888/G999 Monitor

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$2,090.00 - $2,450.00


The operation of the GfG DS400 Docking Station for G888/G999 couldn't be any easier. Simply put the GfG multi-gas detector in the dock and the system will take over from there. The docking station automatically performs a full functional test including fresh air calibration, bump test, extensive sensor tests, alarm tests and performs an automatic AutoCal calibration.

p>Key Features:

  • Choice of regulator or no regulator.
  • Ability to cascade multiple docking stations
  • No computer necessary for the operation of docking stations
  • Automatic alarm testing
  • Automatic charging
  • Automatic record keeping
  • Simple pass / fail indication
  • Up to 2,000,000 records in memory
  • Prints official calibration certificates
  • Meets the requirements of DGUV information 213-056 (T021) and 213-057 (T023) as well as DIN EN 60079-29-2
  • Suitable for the portable gas detection devices G888 and G999
  • Function test, adjustment and charging function
  • One test gas inputs
  • Data storage on SD card, data transfer to PC
  • Two RS-485 interfaces for PC connection and series connection




Part Numbers:
1450-406 - No Regulator
1450-406R - With Regulator

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