Electrical Construction & Maintenance (EC&M) is an industry publication for electrical workers offering tips on virtually every aspect of the profession, including safety information for reducing workplace accidents and injuries. As a leading contributor to the magazine, PK Safety highlights important trends in electrical safety to help workers protect themselves on the job. 

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Permit-Required vs. Non-Permit-Required Confined Spaces March 20, 2023

Confined spaces require an abundance of caution, but there are differences in safety precautions between permit-required and non-permit-required spaces. READ MORE


How to Choose Arc Flash PPE December 7, 2021

The most important factors electrical professionals should consider when selecting safety gear. READ MORE


Exposure to electricity can cause severe burns and nerve damage. Exposed wires and overblown circuits can lead to flash fires that put workers at risk. These EC&M resources outline the hazards facing electrical workers and the strategies used to overcome them. We provide information on choosing the right PPE for this type of work, including gloves for safely handling hot surfaces, FR clothing, and non-conductive workwear, as well as tips for safely inspecting and interacting with live parts.  

The magazine also focuses on the latest techniques and equipment used to regulate electrical systems, such as public utilities, renewable energy, and business and residential networks. It looks at products and industries that rely on electricity, such as lighting, construction, and electric vehicles. The website offers extensive reading materials for electricians and business owners, including eBooks, webinars, podcasts, videos, and other continuing education programs to help managers pass this information to their employees. 

The electrical industry is closely regulated by various local, state, and federal agencies. EC&M provides up-to-date information on the latest regulations and guidelines for preventing electrical injuries. It focuses on mitigation techniques for reducing employee exposure to live circuits, steps for locking out and tagging out electrical equipment when making repairs, and tips for conserving electricity. Renewables and new transmission technology are rapidly changing how many businesses and homes interact with the grid. The magazine tracks the latest trends and developments to keep you informed.

PK Safety shares its expertise with EC&M to encourage compliance throughout the industry. We are here to help business owners and contractors find the best PPE for the task at hand. Everyone should have access to the right safety supply equipment when working near or with electricity. Use these EC&M articles to create a safer work environment for your team.