DuPont Universal Pressure Test Kit for Protective Suits

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The DuPont Universal Pressure Test Kit is designed for periodic air pressure testing on all Level A fully encapsulated suits. Compact and lightweight, this kit is completely self-contained, requiring no external air supply. Pressure test kits are used to test Level A garments per the methods described in ASTM F 1054, Practice for Pressure Testing of Totally Encapsulated Chemical Protective Suits, and EN464 Leak-Tightness of Gas-Tight Suits (Internal Pressure Test). Appropriate for any Level A gas-tight hazmat suit applications. Adapters included will fit Pirelli and Auer connections, which are standard in DuPont, Kappler and Lakeland suits. Check out our line of HazMat Tyvek suits that give you everything you need to complete your home improvement projects.

Advisory: Proper decontamination and visual inspection for damage and excessive wear and tear must occur before beginning any pressure testing.

Part Number:
99081000000001UV - DuPont number

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