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Dupont Tyvek 400 TY122S Coverall Suit (25/Case)

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The Tyvek TY122S zippered one-piece disposable hazmat suit, with attached hood and booties, is our most popular protective suit for professionals and do-it-yourselfers, and rightly so. Suitable for jobs such as paint spraying, mold treatment and lead or asbestos abatement, these protective suits can breathe so they don't get too hot, but stop dangerous particles down to 1 micron in size from penetrating the coverall.

The Tyvek TY122S Coverall provides protection from a variety of hazardous materials and skin irritants such as fiberglass insulation, mold, asbestos and lead paint dust. Painters use DuPont HazMat Coveralls when spraying oil- or epoxy-based paints. These suits are also worn for a range of general clean up and maintenance work. In addition to standard uses, our community of DIYers and home improvers use Tyvek suits for a wide variety of protection.

These other uses include: gardening, dealing with areas where poison oak and ivy are issues, avoiding bug bites and ticks, navigating crawl spaces, costuming (Halloween and otherwise!), plaster demolition, insulation work, sandblasting, spray painting, cleaning the garage and other around the house dirty jobs.

Suits with hoods, such as the 1428 and 1414 models, are also used by our urban beekeepers!

Sold 25/case.

Note: We also carry the individually wrapped suits.

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