DBI-SALA Tension Limiter Accident Protection 3601490

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Protect your team from accidents during winch or crane transport with the Tension Limiter from DBI/SALA. Should the person being lifted become tangled or trapped during winch or crane assent, the Limiter acts to reduce forces on the user and alert the crane operator to the situation by displaying a high-visibility warning strip at the crane operation level.

Features of the Tension Limiter: A high-visibility reflective strip is bonded to the tension limiter strip in the unit. As this 24ft line is paid out, it warns the crane or winch operator of the danger to halt ascent and let you tackle the problem before the user is injured. The Tension Limiter is rated to a full 310lb capacity, though it is not designed for, nor should it be used as a fall arrest device. An SRL is also required with this device. Completely built from stainless steel, including the attachment cable, the unit is extremely corrosion resistant, suited even to the harshest marine work sites. This also makes it relatively light, weighing only 16lbs. Smooth slackening of the limiter reduces forces on the user, helping prevent jarring of the line. A self-locking, spinning, gated-hook is present on the end of the tie-on cable to prevent twists in the line. The hook has a 3600lb-rated gate to prevent accidental rollout or disengagement. The Tension Limiter features an integrated impact indicator, so you can clearly and quickly assess whether it is safe to use. iSafe RFID technology is built into the unit, giving you a quick, paperless way to track equipment checks and use, simply by scanning the device and storing the information in DBI/SALA's online portal. Any industrial work site where crane or winch access for personnel is routine should employ a device such as the Tension Limiter when performing personnel retrieval. At height jobs such as wind turbine maintenance, cellphone tower engineering, construction or roofing can all benefit from the safety of the Tension Limiter, as can industrial and petrochemical sites where confined space access is a common job function. Other type of work that often engage in winch or crane transport of personnel include gas and oil production facilities, maritime industries, oil rigs, wastewater management and sewer access as well as industrial tank maintenance and silo work.

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