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BW GasAlert MicroClip XL Confined Space Kit MCXL-XWHM-Y-NA-CS

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BW GasAlert MicroClip XL Confined Space Kit is your one-stop-shop solution. Everything you need to safely test and calibrate the BW Honeywell GasAlert MicroClip XL 4-Gas Monitor in any location. As our bestselling multi-gas monitor, it has a rating of IP68 for unmatched water protection — up to 45 minutes at a depth of 1.2m. So you can be confident it will stand up to challenging conditions. 

Applications: Utility, Refinery, Firefighters, Maintenance Engineers, Sewers and Waterworks, Underground Storage Tanks, Oil Rigs, Maritime industry

Note: This item ships via UPS Ground due to HazMat restrictions and does not qualify for expedited shipping.

Honeywell no longer uses CD software and has upgraded to the Honeywell Safety Suite Device Configurator. This software enables quick and precise management and maintenance of your Honeywell portable gas detector fleet, both RAE and BW product lines.

Kit includes:

GasAlert MicroClip XL 4-Gas Monitor: The BW Honeywell GasAlert MicroClip XL Monitor is our most popular multi-gas monitor thanks to its small size, durability, extended battery life and ease of use. Thanks to the one-button user interface, you or your workers can easily access all major features with very little training required to use the device on site. The XL has a low up-front cost with a two-year warranty.

The GasAlert MicroClip XL: Features sensors for detection of Oxygen (O2), Hydrogen sulfide (H2S), Carbon monoxide (CO), Lower Explosive Levels (LEL) of a variety of combustible gases

  • Extended battery life - up to 18 hours
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Compatible with all MicroClip XT accessories including the docking modules and MicroDock II docking systems

GasAlert MicroClip Deluxe Confined Space Kit: The manual aspirator pump and sampling hose (10ft/3m in length) make it easy to turn this diffusion gas monitor into an active sampling detector and check the atmosphere of a confined space prior to entry. The auxiliary filters offer increased protection for the device, which allows the Micro Clip to be protected from falls and keeps the sensors clean by preventing entry of dirt and dust particles. The auxiliary filter even serves to shield the screen. Download logged data and alarm events with the IR Connectivity Kit and Fleet Manager II software. Manage, analyze and archive all the data logged. You can also access and change options not available on the device itself, such as Short/Long Term Exposure Limits and High/Lows for each gas. All of this comes inside a solid, foam-lined carry case.

4-Gas Calibration Mix: Your gas monitor needs to be bump tested and calibrated regularly to make sure it is functioning properly. This standard bump test and calibration gas for BW Honeywell gas detection units contains specific gas concentrations.

  • Methane (CH4) - 2.5 percent
  • Oxygen (O2) - 18.0 percent
  • Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) - 25 ppm
  • Carbon monoxide (CO) - 100 ppm

Please note: Calibration gas is not returnable. Please check your selection carefully before ordering. Also, remember to calibrate at least every six months and regularly perform bump tests.

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Specification Sheet:

 Specification Sheet

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 Quick Reference Guide



Part Numbers:
GasAlert MicroClip XL 4-Gas Monitor MCXL-XWHM-Y-NA
GasAlert MicroClip Deluxe Confined Space Kit MC-CK-DL
4-Gas Calibration Mix FX34-155-5300

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Additional Information

Gas Type:
%LEL, O2, H2S, CO
11.00 LBS
20.00 (in)
16.50 (in)
26.50 (in)
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