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BW GasAlert MAX XTII CS Kit With Ventilation XT-CS-9533-25

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This lightweight kit features the combination of the BW GasAlert Max XTII Confined Space Kit and the portable and durable 8 in. Allegro blower with 25 ft. of ducting. It is perfect for confined spaces, and can be used by refinery and utility workers, maintenance engineers, firefighters, as well as by those who work in sewers, underground storage tanks, waterworks, oil rigs, and silos in the maritime industry. The big advantage of using this kit is that you can start ventilation immediately after your gas monitor alarms you. Remote sample with the extended hose, and use the Fleet Manager software to upload the data. Also, when it is time to calibrate or bump test, your gas, regulator, and a hose are all available in a hard case of your Max XTII CS kit. Spare filters are right there when your filter is clogged by water in the hose.

Kit includes:

  • BW GasAlert MAX XT II Confined Space kit XT-XWHM-Y-NA-CS
  • Allegro 8 in confined space blower 25 ft ducting 9533-25

1. BW GasAlert Max XT II Kit

This BW GasAlert Max XT II Kit comes with everything you need for effective confined space gas monitoring. The kit makes it possible to test remote spaces, connect and store the collected data on your computer, maintain your monitor through bump testing and calibration, and keep your monitor charged and ready to use.

Kit Contains:

  • GasAlert Max XT II 4-Gas Monitor
  • Charging adapter for detector
  • IR Connectivity Kit to connect to your PC
  • 38L 4-gas calibration mix
  • 0.5 LPM regulator
  • 3 ft. (1 m) calibration hose with quick connect
  • 10 ft. (3 m) sampling hose with metallic particulate filter and quick connect
  • 5 spare hydrophobic and particulate pump filters
  • Sampling probe
  • Reversible screwdriver
  • Hard-sided carrying case

Key Features:

  • Applications: monitoring for H2S, CO, O2, and LEL
  • An internal pump for pulling remote samples from your confined space before entry
  • An extended hose for sampling
  • Extra dust and water filters

2. Allegro 8 in. Confined Space Blower 25 ft. Ducting 9533-25

The lightweight and super quiet unit has a quick-connect clipping system, which allows the canister to be attached tools-free to the input side for powerful extraction, or to the output side for ventilation. The 25 ft. of ducting is conveniently stored within the canister. The handles are molded directly into the blower and canister housing for the convenient transport. The blower and the canister are made of durable, lightweight, corrosion-, UV- and chemical-resistant polyethylene materials. It includes a 20 ft AC cord with a molded plug.

Key Features:

  • Polyethylene "safety orange" color housing
  • Lightweight, corrosion-, UV- and chemical-resistant
  • Steel powder coated grill
  • Polypropylene three blade fan
  • Built-in on/off switch and enclosed electrical components
  • 1/3 HP, 115V AC
  • Certified to CSA Standard C22.2 No.113

Canister Options:

  • Free Air - 831 CFM
  • One 90 Degree Bend - 709 CFM
  • Two 90 Degree Bends - 586 CFM

Note: calibration gas is not returnable. Please check your selection carefully before ordering.


  • 25 ft
  • Retractable, non-collapsible design, single-ply
  • PVC coated vinyl and polyester materials
  • Yellow color with black weather strip and integrated nylon attachment strap
  • Spring steel wire helix

Allegro 8 in. Confined Space Blower 25 ft. Ducting Spec Sheet

FLOW RATES: (CFM calculated using 15' (4.57m) of 12" (30.4cm) ducting)

Free Air CFM (m3 /hr): 3200 (5436.83)

One 90° Bend CFM (m3 /hr): 2350 (3992.67)

Two 90° Bends CFM (m3 /hr): 2250 (3822.77)

Additional Resources: The Allegro CFM Blower Selector App takes into account the type of confined space environment you are working in and its size to choose the proper Allegro blower that will best suit your needs. Allegro Blowers will then be displayed in green that provide the air flow and CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) needed to properly ventilate the confined space.

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