Winter Protection for Confined Spaces

Winter Protection for Confined Spaces


A winterized workplace safety culture will be aware of the season’s unique safety hazards. Any workplace that has slip, trip, and fall hazards, falling object hazards, or fire hazards in normal weather conditions will still have those hazards when the weather gets colder. A danger unique to cold, wet, and windy conditions are cold stress hazards, which can take the form of trench foot, frostbite, and hypothermia. These conditions can set in when the body temperature gets too low—a layered clothing system that pulls moisture away from the skin, provides lightweight insulation, and repels rain and wind while allowing vapor and moisture to wick away from the body goes a long way toward conserving precious body heat.

Cold stress can be prevented with proper protective equipment but should be treated as soon as possible. Keep yourself warm with PIP Heat Packs and other warming gear on extra cold days. A PIP 3-in-1 Polyester Fleece Liner is just the thing for keeping your head covered, and workers who need insulated eye protection will love the Pyramex V2G-XP Hot/Cold Resistant Goggles . For confined space workers who need something warm and secure, the MCR Safety Deluxe FR Insulated Contractor Coverall is a great choice.


The right preparation can go miles toward helping prevent injuries and illnesses. On top of your normal workplace safety plan, keep an eye on the weather and employees’ physical health, schedule frequent breaks in warm and dry areas, and make sure that you schedule outdoor work for the warmest times of the day. Plan ahead for bad weather and buy plenty of cold weather gear for employees who require it as well as some extras—an extra Berne Thermal Lined Hooded Sweatshirt or Saf-Tech Indura FR Insulated Work Jacket in a work vehicle is a good idea, just in case. Keep emergency backup power available as well as a fire protection option that will still work even when water freezes. For confined spaces, make sure that it’s safe to heat the atmosphere, but don’t introduce new sources of ignition or increase the vaporization for worker safety. If there’s wind, keep non-essential personnel out of it and rotate workers.

Need a grip on cold weather work? PK Safety has many pairs of thermal gloves to choose from including a hi-vis option from PowerGrab, the PIP MadMax Thermo with Thinsulate Insulation Glove , and a Towa PowerGrab Thermo Insulated Glove . Cold Weather Safety Experts at PK Safety

Temperatures are getting colder already, but there’s still time to get your cold-weather protection gear from PK Safety. We have a Winter Gear Sale going on for a limited time: get $20 off and free shipping on your orders over $199 by using the code WARMUP18 when you check out. For more information about winter safety equipment, contact a PK Safety expert online or at 800.829.9580.

Nov 6th 2018 PKSafety Team

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