Respirator for Beards: Which Respirators Are Facial Hair Friendly?

Respirator for Beards: Which Respirators Are Facial Hair Friendly?

It’s almost No Shave November, or Movember as it’s often called, and that means many of your male employees may be sporting facial hair in the weeks to come. Some of your employees may already have thick beards and mustaches, but all that extra hair can be a hazard for those that need to wear respirators on the job, including those that work in construction, mining, and manufacturing. Your employees must wear respirators on the job when exposed to hazardous chemicals and airborne compounds, regardless of how much hair they have on their faces. But finding respirators that fit men with facial hair isn’t always easy.

If your team is getting hairier by the day, learn about some of the most popular facial-hair-friendly respirators on the market today.

Keeping Employees with Facial Hair Safe on the Job

When a person has hair on their face, some respirators may not fit them properly. Respirators are only effective when they are tight-fitting and flush with the skin, otherwise harmful toxins and chemicals may seep into the breathing zone, which may result in a range of health complications. Facial hair should not come between the sealing surface of the mask and the face.

That’s why employees with facial hair need to wear respirators that fit all the way around their head. This way they will be able to breathe easy on the job regardless of how much hair they have on their face. These respirators are designed for all types of facial hair, so every member of your team can stay safe on the job. We recommend referring to your employer’s respiratory protection program policy. And, if you’re looking for more information, check out OSHA’s full respiratory protection guidelines.

Facial Hair Friendly Respirators

If you’re looking to get ready for No Shave November or you just hired an employee with facial hair, here are some popular facial hair respirators to keep in mind.

The PureFlo ESM+ PF60 PAPR Welding Helmet PR05801-_-1_1 is a self-contained head mounted powered air-purifying respirator for those that work in heavy-duty industries. Without hoses, attachments or cables, your workers can move around freely on the job, which can help boost efficiency.

The PureFlo Hydra PAPR Hard Hat w/Neck Cape fits the wearer’s entire head and face, protecting them for a range of hazards in the workplace. The flame-resistant neck collar provides added protection on the job. It’s a one-size-fits-all hard hat, so there’s no need for fit testing.

The Allegro 9910-D Tyvek Airline Hood Assembly is a popular choice for those using spray foam or paint. It comes with a low-pressure airflow adapter and suspension. With just one piece of equipment, you don’t have to worry about losing spare parts and attachments.

The Allegro Nova 2000 Abrasive Helmet Airline System 9285-01 is another great choice for those with facial hair. It works with safety glasses and all types of facial hair. It’s best used in heavy blasting applications. Workers receive air from a source that’s independent of the ambient area, so they can blast sand or another substance without cutting off their air supply.

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